2 Months


February.1.2016 || 2 Months

Loves… his swing, sucking his thumb, bath time, and being naked (still)!!

Hates… his car seat, wearing hats, shots, and mommy’s british accent!

Ryker loves tracking with his eyes and smiling :) He looks intently at our faces and knows mama’s voic.! He is a great feeder and weighs 10lbs 12oz!

STOOOOOP GROWING! This kid is killing me with his sweet personality but I wish he would stay little forever! We got shots this past month and it was so sad but I didn’t cry because I am pretty sure I am immune to giving kids shots since we did it so much in nursing school.

YES – I have a thumb sucker and it kind of makes my life complete!

I can’t get a hat on this kid to save my life. He gets so fussy and I can’t bring myself to make him wear one.

Okay so I kind of LOVE talking in accents and try out different ones all the time! I started talking in a British accent and the kid starting frowning, which was hilarious till the cries came… :( no spot of tea for this yorkshire lad!

Happy Valentine’s Day from my little HUNK!



Kisses from the Mrs

Smith3 IMG_6396 IMG_6398I have a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Some people say that we shouldn’t just celebrate love just one day of the year and I completely agree! However, marriage and love isn’t showering each other with gifts everyday of the year to show your feelings. I love when I have a long day and I come home to a clean house. I appreciate when Cam takes the dogs out running so they get out some energy and we can have a quiet night at home. Love is letting me watch Friends on Netflix when a new episode of Arrow is on. Love is when Cam tells me we have to leave at 4:30pm because he knows I will be running late and we don’t have to leave till 5:00pm :)

There are numerous ways to show your love for someone. My new favorite (hopeful tradition) is Galentine’s to celebrate the strong and loving women in my life. This Saturday at PB we held a #loveyourbody campaign with Health Magazine and I got to see some of my favorite women work hard for their goals and celebrate their journey.

Cam took me to a church dance this weekend and then when I came home from working Pure Barre he set up a picnic in our living room(gush!) He had some sweet gifts set up for me as well. We had the best day relaxing and then grabbed dinner and froyo with his parents. I love my hubby and family so much and hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your special someone or best gals!

Check out are mini clip below… xoxo


2014-02-09 16.25.10 2014-02-09 16.25.19 2014-02-09 16.25.25Skirt: c/o Bri Seeley|Shoes: Dillards|Shirt: Thrifted

I have had a blast showing you my looks in The Jaclyn skirt designed by Bri Seeley this week! Check it out in Aqua too!

For the rest of February Bri is giving all Mr. & Mrs. Smith readers 30% off the entire Escape collection! Amazing right?! I am lusting after The Harper, gorgeous and oh so feminine!  Just enter code ‘mrsktsmith’ at checkout!

Bri has high quality clothing in beautiful designs.  My favorite part about The Jaclyn>>> POCKETS! AHH what girl could say no to that?

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