Dear Sunday


Dear Sunday: Thank you for coming quickly and giving me a pat on the back.

Dear Arizona: I am sorry when I complained that it was cold…I take it back.

Dear Dogs: I love that you like to cuddle on the bed but please stop kicking me all night long.

Dear Grocery Store: I promise to visit soon.

Dear School: You are killing me slowly…

Dear California: Thanks for being a true friend.

Dear Podcasts: Thank you for keeping me sane on my commute.

Dear Backyard: Get used to the weeds; they aren’t leaving.

Dear Pure Barre Challenge: We’ve got this!

Dear Husband: I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.



Kisses from the Mrs

Smith3 IMG_6396 IMG_6398I have a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Some people say that we shouldn’t just celebrate love just one day of the year and I completely agree! However, marriage and love isn’t showering each other with gifts everyday of the year to show your feelings. I love when I have a long day and I come home to a clean house. I appreciate when Cam takes the dogs out running so they get out some energy and we can have a quiet night at home. Love is letting me watch Friends on Netflix when a new episode of Arrow is on. Love is when Cam tells me we have to leave at 4:30pm because he knows I will be running late and we don’t have to leave till 5:00pm :)

There are numerous ways to show your love for someone. My new favorite (hopeful tradition) is Galentine’s to celebrate the strong and loving women in my life. This Saturday at PB we held a #loveyourbody campaign with Health Magazine and I got to see some of my favorite women work hard for their goals and celebrate their journey.

Cam took me to a church dance this weekend and then when I came home from working Pure Barre he set up a picnic in our living room(gush!) He had some sweet gifts set up for me as well. We had the best day relaxing and then grabbed dinner and froyo with his parents. I love my hubby and family so much and hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your special someone or best gals!

Check out are mini clip below… xoxo

The Think Pink Project

The Think Pink Project is a dance & fitness partnered cancer organization.  Our mission is to help raise funds and awareness through community outreach to assist families in the financial burden of cancer.

I founded Think Pink in early 2013 after my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I knew I wanted and needed to help make a difference. Working to combine my philanthropic desires with my ballet and fitness career I founded The Think Pink Project.

If you or a loved one could benefit from Think Pink please contact me or if you would like to help organize a project I would love to work with you!

To learn more visit our facebook page and to make a donation to The Think Pink Project click here! Thank you in advance!

Past Projects:

In May 2013 we partnered with Campbell’s Dance Studio for our first fundraiser TuTus for TaTas & raised over $1,200! See more here.

Our latest project, Tucks for Tatas, partnered with Pure Barre Glendale during October 2013 and raised over $1,400!

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Live Free and Don’t Die

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photo 1 (2) S

T-shirts: The Home T  c/o

I surprised Mr. Smith last weekend with an adventure of a lifetime… SKYDIVING! It was my second time; I went first with my Dad for our daddy/daughter bucket list about 4 years ago. I just knew that the Hubs was going to love it and scream just as loud as I would.

Unfortunately, I was the only one screaming and these crazy boys belly laughed at me till they cried. Apparently, Tim (the one that looks thrilled to be with me) has had over 16,000 dives and was on the world skydiving team, (WHAT!) He thought it would be HIL-arious to hang me out of the plane for a good 15 seconds while I screamed bloody murder. Did I lose my voice the rest of the weekend, no (shakes head yes).

My plan was to shake some adventurous spirit out of Cam.  Free his system of the need for danger if you will.  Live on the edge just a bit. Well the plan backfired. Now he wants to get his skydiving license and enroll to base jump and use squirrel suits. Oh lordy what have I created!? Hopefully we get good life insurance… (I joke, I joke) hashtag thegoodwife :)


Autumn in the Desert


DSCN7774DSCN7761 DSCN7769 DSCN7772 DSCN7773 S

Dress: Forever 21|Jacket: Talbots|Shoes: Katie Spade|Belt: Anthropologie

I love fall in Arizona. It means lots of fun hiking adventures, pumpkin spice everything, and crisp fresh air. I love opening my windows and letting my house air out. One thing is for sure, it’s not cool enough yet for scarves, boot socks, or other fun fall accessories but I still love incorporating some fall favorites into my wardrobe like colors, jackets, and hats. AZ will keep cooling down but until then I am all about the light airy fabrics mixed with some of my favorite jewel tones! Happy fall y’all!


Devil’s Bridge – Sedona, AZ




DSCN7880DSCN7833 DSCN7838 DSCN7847 DSCN7876Top: Beyond Yoga | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Asics

(Mr. Smith) Top: Home T | Pants: Columbia | Shoes: Asics 

This weekend we took advantage of the amazing weather and drove up to Sedona, Arizona. One of our favorite ways to get away from the stress of life is to find beauty in nature. I love sleeping in a tent outside under the stars away from the city lights.  I enjoy taking a big deep breath of fresh air and most importantly away from technology and lists. It is easy for me to get wrapped up in our growing to-do lists and feel the anxiety of life. Sedona is gorgeous and if you get the opportunity to visit take advantage of it!

We went to hike Devil’s Bridge and took a 2 mile hike up to the site and then came the adventure. (side note, if you take your dogs, make sure they are well trained for some steep climbs towards the last .1 miles of the hike; our dogs did great but they hike often with us. Lot’s of other people couldn’t get their dogs up the cliff) When we were hiking back down to the car we must of taken a wrong turn at the end of the trail and added a good 4-5 miles to our return trip.  We didn’t recognize the scenery and we sat to check the map. As Cam was looking around, I saw a back of 5 or so coyotes running toward us. We usually let the dogs off leash to hike and we grabbed them close to put their leashes on. The coyotes saw us and stopped then quickly turned and went the other way. AGHH I was so scared! We decided to go back to a fork in the road and ran into another couple. We asked if we could tag along and once back to a different parking lot they drove us around the bend of the trail to our car. I am so thankful for meeting those sweet strangers and that they were willing to help us out! Overall, it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back soon for a new (and safe) adventure :)


Courage Through Cancer

DSCN7790 DSCN7801 DSCN7804 DSCN7811 DSCN7812 DSCN7815top& sports bra|splits 59


She has COURAGE.

My Mom HAS courage.

Sometimes my Mom just has RAGE towards the evil disease in her body, but courage is the best word I can use to describe Mom.  She sure has a whole lot of it, so it just seems fitting. Not only did she beat cancer once, but she is fighting for a second time. My mom was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in January 2013 and wasn’t given the best outcome for survival, but did she prove everyone wrong. She battled breast cancer that had spread to her spine and ribs, fluid build up in her lungs, months of chemotherapy and radiation then to find it had spread to her brain. Pushing through more radiation and losing her hair a second time, the cancer came back in her breast. This September, only a few weeks ago she underwent a double mastectomy and will most likely be back on chemotherapy. Most people would lose hope, give up the fight or  say ‘let it be.’ Not my mother. She takes each trial in stride. Showing some frustration, then picking herself up and asks the doctors ‘what’s next?’ Basically, bring it on breast cancer because you just may not have known who you’re dealing with.

Love you mama.


p.s. if you want more information on my foundation in honor of my mom and to help raise awareness and support please visit The Think Pink Project HERE on my blog or HERE on facebook

The Wild Life

DSCN7599 DSCN7628 DSCN7643 DSCN7660 DSCN7675 DSCN7677 DSCN7678 DSCN7681 DSCN7688 DSCN7693

photo 2

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DSCN7741 photo 1 (2)

photo 4

First off, I am in love with my new Express shirt so much so that I wore it two weekends in a row! But who cares, right :) Now if you need to know one thing about me is that I seriously GEEK out over animals. It doesn’t even matter what kind, I just want them all! So, hubs took me to the World Wildlife Zoo that is 10 minutes from our house. I can’t even explain how excited I was to find this living Africa in the middle of nowhere Arizona :) This happy girl was thrilled when a beautiful giraffe walked over and leaned down to lick my hand. I was like a little kid on Christmas! I also tried this three part pony tail to add some length to my hair since I am in the awkward phase of growing it back out and I loved how it turned out, apparently the little parrot above liked it too (:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend


Falling for Fuchsia

DSCN7582DSCN7549 DSCN7559 S DSCN7573

Shirt: Express | Skirt & Belt: Dillard’s | Shoes: Steve Madden | Watch: Fossil | Necklace: Khol’s

Cam and I have been trying hard to have planned weekend dates together since we barely get to spend time together let alone see each other during the week. It’s been rough but in a couple months we get a nice long break together and I cannot wait (hint hint we are going in winter but there it is summer!) We love to just stay home and binge on our favorite tv shows (guilty!) but we also love to explore a little of AZ.  Some of our favorite dates the past few weeks have been to Old Town Scottsdale, The Gilbert Temple (including Kneaders of course!) and The World Wildlife Zoo. (:

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!


Shine On

DSCN7513DSCN7499 DSCN7501 DSCN7510
DSCN7517 DSCN7526 DSCN7531

Shirt: Target|Skirt: Mindy Mae’s Market|Shoes: Michael Kors|Bracelets: White House Black Market

I have been obsessed with this skirt for quite a while now and finally just purchased the beauty! I am so in love with it and wish I could wear it everywhere! It sure give a good light show when it hits the sun :) I was thinking about how when one beam of light hits the fabric it projects tons of light and sparkle around the room. I think my focus for the rest of the year is to do the same as I come into contact with numerous people whether it be patients at the hospital, parents or youth at church, or a stranger on the street. I want them to see my shine and have my presence, however long or short, be a positive and uplifting one.

“never let anyone dull your sparkle”