The Ultimate Arizona Bucket List: Part 2 Food


With a lot of help, recommendations and personal experiences I bring you The Ultimate Arizona Bucket List. I am breaking the series into 3 parts because there is just so much!

Outdoor Adventures – Food – Entertainment 

I hope y’all can benefit from this and if you have any additions/changes please let me know so that we can all enjoy the great state of Arizona to its fullest!


Breakfast & Doughnuts:
The Breakfast Club – Scottsdale
Perk Eatery – Scottsdale
Morning Glory Cafe – The Farm at South Mountain (Phoenix)
The Breakfast Joynt – Scottsdale
Matt’s Big Breakfast – Phoenix
Lamar’s Donuts – Phoenix
Bosa Donuts
Fractured Prune Doughnuts – Westgate
Donutsville – Peoria
Rainbow Donuts
Karl’s Quality Bakery – Phoenix
Crave Waffles – Westgate

Sprinkles Cupcakes – Scottsdale
The Sugar Bowl – Scottsdale
Sweet Republic
Rock Springs Café (Pie)
Top That Frozen Yogurt – Glendale
Churn Ice Cream – Phoenix
Nothing Bundt Cake
Thriftee Ice Cream Shop – Pinnacle Peak & 39th
Napoleon Bakery – Phoenix
Sweet Cakes Café – Mesa
Bahama Bucks
Frost Gelato
BJ’s Pizookie

Rio Mirage Café Y Cantina – Surprise
Blanco Tacos
La Santisma
Tapas Papa Frita
Don Rubens
Rito Burrito
Plaza Bonita
Salsa Blanca
Café Rumba
Mi Familia
Los Reyos de Tortas
Casa Bonitas

La Piazza Al Forno
Babbo Italian Eatery
Pizzeria Bianco
Nostalgi’a Cancione e Vino
Humble Pie
Organ Stop Pizza
The Parlor

True Food Kitchen
Culinary Dropout
Arrogant Butcher
Olive & Ivy
The Henry
The Fry Bread House
Chop Shop
George & Son’s
Ghengis Grill
The Herb Box
Pho Avina – Vietnamese
Chelsea’s Kitchen
Bluewater Grill
Bobby Q
Betty’s Nosh
St. Francis
Liberty market
Teds Hot Dogs
Queen Creek Olive Mill
Short Leash Hot Dogs

enjoy, xoxo


>>Year 3

Being crazy busy full time in nursing and dental school took its toll on us the past month.  I was busy finishing out the dance year with recitals every weekend and Cameron was hard at work in clinic. It felt a little overwhelming, so much that we entirely skipped celebrating our three year anniversary. Sad. I know. But exactly one month late we got around to celebrating. We I glammed up and Cameron took me to a fabulous three course dinner.  It was so nice to relax and have a break from school and work. We are still pretty busy but we took the time to re-watch our wedding videos and I just had to share in case you haven’t seen this gem or you feel like joining in the fun all over again!

Cheers to a fabulous 3 years with Mr. Smith and many more to come!

Video by Cole Nickell of Cinema Weddings 

Music by Kris Fisher of  “Life of the Party” Moblie DJ Service

South Carolina On My Mind

I just got back two weeks ago from SC and my second trip of the year back in my home state. It is always so great seeing my loving friends and family! I got to see my brave Mama, my cute Daddy, and celebrate my Hubby’s birthday! This trip also involved fun wedding festivities for the beautiful Karli! 
 Rehearsal Dinner
Bridal Luncheon
Getting Married
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. MacMillan!!!

Wedding Open House

Part 5:  Open House
After our wedding we went on our honeymoon to Cancun and then in June had an open house in California for all of Cameron’s friends and family to celebrate with us!
Cameron’s sweet Mom helped put together this gorgeous second reception for us!

Wedding Part IV

Part 4:  The Wedding
I will try to keep this one as short as possible.  I don’t promise anything.
The Dress– Latter Day Bride in Salt Lake City
Blush and Ivory Lace 
I am crazy about lace and long big dresses.  My wedding dress was pretty much that in a nutshell.  I knew I wanted bling, sparkle, and lace.  That is just what I got.  
The only down side to my dress was that I ordered the smallest size and when I came in for the fitting it fell off.  Literally.  I was leaving on a plane home in three days, started crying, and called my family and best friends to tell them that the wedding was ruined.  Okay I was in a dramatic phase but what bride wouldn’t be? Anyways they brought in a lace specialist to custom fit it.  She rebuilt my dress and they shipped it to SC  for free. When it came in, it was perfect!
Also, since the dress was made to fit like a glove, anytime I had to sit down I had to hike my dress up and it made rolls and wrinkles in it which was a pain and looks bad in some pictures.  But hey, something has to go wrong right?
I wore the same ring that Cameron proposed with and didn’t add a wedding band to it.  I left it just how it was.  I took a lot of pictures in my ballet shoes since that is a big part of who I am and makes me smile to see two of the things that are most important to me together.  Dance and getting married to my best friend!
Shoes are also one of my favorite things so we took this bridal shot for fun!
We were married May 21, 2011 in the Columbia, South Carolina Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
In the Mormon faith their are three white dresses very important to little girls.  Your blessing dress, your baptism dress, and your wedding dress.  My Mom kept all my dresses to take this photo on my special day.
Our reception was at a small renovated plantation in my home town called The Belle House.  It was the perfect location for our party and we loved the beauty and landscape of the yard overlooking fields.
What’s the party without a puppy?
I wasn’t really set on colors when I was planning the wedding but I DID know that I would have sunflowers everywhere! I love them and think they bring such happiness to those around.  I would always stop at a sunflower field on the side of the road and walk through them taking in their brightness.  Cam first gave me a postcard that he made of a sunflower field and I knew that boy was a keeper!
I also knew that gold looked great with purple in our die-hard LSU home and what better way to support our team!? I also love lemons.  I love the smell, I love lemonade, I love the color.  So lemons were a must!
All of our bridesmaid bouquets doubled as center pieces so they didn’t have to carry them the whole night and then we donated them to elderly homes to cheer up the men and women.
Also 10% of my photography cost went to charity for giving back.

Something old:  My great-grandmothers hair pin
Something new: My wedding dress
Something borrowed:  This antique pearl bracelet from my MOH
Something blue: My garter
Like I said before I love me some bows! Each chair at our table had one of these beautiful bows!
When Cameron and I began dating, his Mom made us a box filled with 365 questions, one for each day of the year.  We learned so much about each other and loved “doing the box” that we decided to have one on each table for our guests to look through.  The top flower is the same as the hair clips that all my bridesmaids could incorporate in their hair as they pleased. The boxes sat with the program of the evening, lemon flower centerpieces and story of the box.
As our guests arrived we had a sign in scrapbook, card basket, bin off purple chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and quilt advice table.  There were quilt squares set aside to write down your marriage advice.  Later, Cam’s grandmother made us a gorgeous quilt.
We had this gorgeous swing in the backyard that we decorated with ribbons and bows.  The kids loved taking turns playing.
We incorporated pink into the wedding with my shoes.  I also wore Toms for the dance floor!
Speaking of dancing…
Our wedding party was introduced by performing their favorite dance moves.
Daddy-daughter/Mother-son dance brought tears to the room.
We surprised our friends with a killer routine!
Apparently after we left, the party really started!
Let them eat CAKE!
A three tiered cake with butter cream lace design in chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian and pound cake with cream cheese filling.
I surprised Cameron with this chocolate peanut butter Italian flag grooms cake!
This speaks for itself.
Sparkling cider is our favorite!
We didn’t get many pictures of the delicious food because it was so good a disappearing fast.  But we had different flavors of lemonade in these mason jars. French fries in cones, mini sliders, chicken salad sandwiches, lemon bars, pasta salad and much more!
Guess who caught the bouquet and garter? 
The best man and maid of honor!
We had Kyle sneak that garter up Cadey’s leg for extra years of good luck in our marriage!
My sweet Daddy let us you this baby as our get away car.  Cameron almost died being able to drive off in his favorite car!
And we’re off! Sparklers were our first choice for our sendoff!
It wouldn’t be a wedding without a decorated car.  Rice in our bags, newspaper and balloons poured out of the car.  Covered in streamers and other THINGS :)

Wedding Part III

Part 3:  Brunch, Golf, & Dinner

The day before THE BIG DAY, we decided to go out, relax, and have some fun.  
The men were off to play golf in August, GA and had a great time playing in teams with the family and groomsmen.
A dear friend closed down her salon in the morning for our bridal party brunch and to get manicures and pedicures.  It was a treat just to have my best girls all around me!
Afterwards, we had a “rehearsal” dinner in my backyard.  Cam and I both knew we wanted a very relaxed atmosphere with low stress and an easy meal.  It was a main time for our two families from opposite coasts to get to know each other better. 
It was perfect! All the kids played on my childhood swing set and ran through the yard as the adults mingled on the outdoor deck that my Dad crafted and built.
My florist delivered some flowers for the night and made everything brighten with those gorgeous sunflowers.  We also gave out our gifts to our wedding party. 
In the bridesmaid boxes were pearl earrings, a letter, a homemade hair clip that matched some of our decorations and fabric, and they were topped with a chocolate bar. Our three little flower girls also got a hair clip made in yellow to match their dresses.  It was a fun night before our big day!

Wedding Part II

Part 2: Bachelorette Party
Back home in South Carolina before the wedding, my gorgeous MOH and appropriately same named sister Cadey surprised me with this fun bachelorette party! She made adorable cowgirl invitations with instructions for a night of pure fun! (Since we are in the middle of a move, I have no idea where that invitation is but I will find it sooner or later!)
We went out to eat at my favorite restaurant Olive Garden with the third member of our well known KD club and I was given this sign to wear with a list of pre wedding do’s!
They decked me out right with a lace garter and bridal cowgirl hat! Now that’s how we party in the south!
Then back to the apartment to meet up with the rest of the gang for gifts and a night out line dancing!
Let’s all just ignore the pure fear in my face in the picture above.
What a blast with my girls! 

My Bridal Shower!

Part 1: Bridal Shower
My sweet friend Brooke and Aunt Liz threw me this adorable shower bridal shower in Provo, UT.  Below are some of my favorite moments with my dear friends!
Brooke had asked Cameron some Q & A’s for me to guess right.  For every answer I got wrong I had to put some bubblegum in my mouth! Guess who was practically bubblegum free- this girl! I think I missed one.
1. What is your favorite color?
I’m pretty sure she know’s the story but it’s sea green/blue…

2. If you could spend the day with anyone who would it be?
 KT of course… but if she was busy, it would probably be my dad

3. What is your favorite thing about Katie?
That I’m allowed to mention?…j/k, I really like her hair (is that weird?)

4. When did you first say I love you?
I don’t remember the date, but I definitely remember where it was and the circumstances behind it. I was in my room at 440 North, and it was getting late, about time to go and we had a disagreement about something. She was a little nervous about going forward with things and it I said it to show my intent.

5. What was your first date?
Eight grade graduation, I went to the dinner and a dance with a girl (I can’t remember her name) my friend’s mom drove us and our “dates” to Il Fornaio (an Italian Restaurant) kinda funny, don’t think i’ve ever told her about that.  (My favorite part is that Brooke was talking about our first date together and he told about his first date ever! Silly boy!)

6. Black lace or sweet pink lingerie?
This is a tough one, I like her black dress that she wears so I could only imagine it looking good with less fabric, haha. I guess it would depend on the mood. Black is my first choice.

7. What is your biggest fear?

8. What is your favorite food?
I think that she would say I don’t really have one, I am the least picky eater I know. 

9. How many kids do you want?
3-4 kids is good (perfect! & we are all for adopting)

10. When/where was your first kiss?
3 weeks after our first date downstairs at 440 North, she later told me that I was a little rusty… sad… (this makes me sound so harsh- he isn’t rusty anymore though!)

Honeymooners – Cancun, Mexico

Cameron and I stayed in Aiken our first night as a married couple.  Basically you can get away with anything saying that you just got married.  I am sure that the tux and huge puffy dress helped convince people but seriously so funny.  We went to the wrong hotel where we tried to get to the back of the car and get our overnight bags.  2 pounds of rice later we find my cell phone and realize Cameron’s was left with the groomsmen.  My Dad’s phone dies and so does the old Camaro.  Now we are stranded at the wrong hotel.  Finally my Dad calls back and we figure out how to start the car.  Now picture this amazing car filled with balloons, newspaper, rice, condoms, strawberries, whipped cream and an assortment of random things mainly a big white dress.  We make it to the right hotel down the street and they ask for our driver’s license and a security payment for the room for the night.  um…. opps no wallet, no money, no driver’s license, no phone, nothing!  They were super cool about it and gave us the room anyway since it was already prepaid.  We were starving and I tried to convince Cam to walk over with me to the Applebee’s for a late night snack! That was a no go haha.
The next morning we went back over to my home for brunch and to open gifts and say bye to family.  It was relaxing and fun to see what our sweet friends had given us.  We dropped off some wedding flowers to our neighbors too! We packed and were off to Augusta for the next night and our flight Monday morning to Mexico!

We were in Cancun until Saturday morning and had the time of our lives.  It literally only rained for 4 minutes on the beach and our hotel was gorgeous.  We had unlimited food and fun.  We attempted scuba diving but Katie in tight spaces = tossing your cookies over the boat while getting hit on by a slightly gay Mexican in a Speedo. It was fun though and I think one day I would like to try again.  We laid by the beach, ate a breakfast that cost $100 but we didn’t pay a cent.  We went into town to the market.  We went to a gorgeous 5 star restaurant.  We made friends with a jewelry billionaire that gave us gorgeous earrings.  Basically it was the time of our lives and it was wonderful to make these unforgettable memories with my best friend.Monday morning came and we took a shuttle to the tiny airport.  Starbucks helped solve the rude airline people’s no free bag policy for international travel but $5 for cereal was not as fun.  Then we flew from Augusta to Charlotte and then we were suppose to have a quick flight to Texas.  Well that quick flight ended up being 8 hours on a tar-mat because of bad weather.  They would’t taxi us into a gate to get food and they wouldn’t give us food for at least 2 hours of waiting.  Well we had already been flying for a couple of hours and were starving.  Yeah about that wedding cake topper you are suppose to save for your 1 year anniversary.  We ate that in the first 30 minutes.  Then we were handed one granola bar and a pack of goldfish and waited some more.  Finally arriving in Texas we ran literally sprinted through the gates for our departure gate which we had rescheduled for a few hours later while on the plane and were still close to missing.  It all worked out though because we got bumped to first class for all of our trouble and had a 3 course meal with a movie and recliner seats all the way to Cancun!

Wedding Day

I finally found some time to get it together and make our blog yay! Cam and I have done so much in the past 5 months and have had so much fun together!  I thought I would just give you a little (it will probably be long) update on our lives!

     We got married May 21, 2011 in the Columbia, South Carolina Temple!  It was a gorgeous day!  Cameron and his family (mom, dad, sisters, niece, nephew, and maternal grandparents) flew in earlier that week!  We had a great family dinner and everyone from both sides finally got to meet.  We had my great grandma’s famous spaghetti sauce and had a blast catching up.  Cameron and I had been apart just about a month and were dying to see each other!  Cameron had been very busy studying for the DAT to get into dental school and took it the week before our wedding! Crazy but my cute husband is super smart and did amazing on the test!  
     The next day we went down to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license and get paperwork figured out.  That night was a special night for me spiritually which was an amazing experience!  I got to see Becky who had come all the way from DC! Then we all went out to get MEXICAN FOOD! My favorite!  Jenn, Jeff, Christy and the girls drove up from Louisiana and were pretty tired Thursday night.  Also, the groomsmen flew in together from Hawaii, California, and Utah!  We and fun catching up and playing in the hot tub but everyone was pretty much exhausted!

     Friday was girls and guys day.  The girls all met up at the nail salon to get pedicures and manicures to look spectacular for the big day.  We had brunch and a lot of fun.  The boys went golfing in Augusta, Georgia and then picked up the tuxes.  That night we picked up our marriage license (which I almost forgot and got to the court 30min before closing time) and we had a big rehearsal dinner with all the family and wedding party!  We got to watch our growing up movie and eat tons of great southern food!

     Saturday I woke up at 6 to get my hair and makeup done downtown.  So early as I crawled out of bed in my sweats.  On the drive over I ate my strawberries and cream oatmeal and chocolate milk! My dad dropped me off and went home to get ready and my mom and maid of honor met me at the salon to girl talk and whatnot!  My fab photographer showed up to catch some candid moments of me getting all ready!  Hair and makeup took a little longer than expects although we had done a test trial for my bridals.  I was freaking out because I was so late to my own wedding! Dad called the temple to let them know I was still coming! hahaha :)  I freaked out and ran inside ready to be ushered to my room.  However, everyone was so calm and cam just hugged me and told me to calm down.  By this time I am practically crying because I am so nervous and LATE!  They reassured me that I cannot be late to my own wedding and that everyone else can wait.  So I got ready signed a paper and an hour later I was married!  It was so amazing and special and I have never felt happier in my whole entire life.  I wanted to stay in that moment forever.  After we took about a billion pictures outside Cameron and I changed and drove back to Aiken.  

We talked and wrote in our journal our memories the hour drive home so that they were fresh and we could remember everything.  We got home and were so exhausted and HUNGRY!  We ate some leftovers from the rehearsal dinner the night before and everyone was off to help decorate and prepare for pictures and the reception!  Cam and I had a big surprise wedding dance for everyone as our first dance and had to practice our sweet moves in my dining room. (will post video later)  We got ready for the reception, touched up hair and makeup and drove over to The Belle House (A gorgeous little white plantation.)  We drove up and saw the yellow Camaro that my dad had bought to restore for our getaway car.  Cameron was so surprised and excited that he didn’t know what to say.  

We looked around and everything was gorgeous.  Everyone had done their jobs above and beyond and I couldn’t of asked for anything more!  We went inside and the picture taking began!  Right after the reception started, the wedding party was introduced and we all danced under the sunflower archway!  We did dances with moms and dads and our first dance pretty much rocked!  It was so wonderful seeing all of our favorite people together having fun!  My maid of honor caught the bouquet and Cam’s best man caught the garter.  Pretty much a wonderful touch!  We walked down the aisle of sparklers and then took off in the crazy decorated Camaro to start our crazy lives together!
**Check out what one of our groomsmen said about his adventures during a southern wedding!**