>>Merry Christmas Y’all

THIS year we are spending Christmas with my family in South Carolina. That’s right, a DUCK DYNASTY marathon, good family, great cookin, deer sausage for breakfast, and some dove hunting in a pear tree.

Now that’s all true, but we are put on our fancy pants for a wedding weekend including a girls night out, a day at the spa with my gorgeous mom, and more than one fabulous dinner! Can’t wait to show y’all a little of home sweet home! Merry Christmas. xoxo

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Photo Credit: Steven Miles


PCH & Big Sur

This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and can’t wait to go back soon! I loved my summer vacation with my hubby and wish it hadn’t been so short! But I love the memories we made and the fun we had! What was your favorite summer vacation? I would love to hear/read about it!
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Salt Flats Photo Shoot

Last week I had a fun photo shoot with Emilie Davis, owner of M’s Photography.

She asked for dancers that wanted to do a photo shoot to strengthen her portfolio and of course I said yes! We went to the Salt Flats outside Salt Lake City for the shoot.  I had never been there but it was gorgeous.  It was really hard standing, balancing, and jumping on sand but I think that we got some great shots!

Here is a little sneak peek! :]

Engagement Sneak Peak!

So we have like a million and a half engagement photos but I can’t put them all up yet because they are still getting edited and we are keeping some on the DL for the invites :)

This photo shoot was crazy fun and so was the weather! First it’s COLD, then SUNNY, “what was that!” HAIL, then soft SNOW, now it’s pretty WARM and SUNNY again!

Okay bipolar mother nature make up your mind! Our poor photographer had to keep on her toes big time for the amount of changes we had to go through to snag a great picture! But she rocked it like the pro she made us so happy!

We also decided to head up to the Salt Lake City Library for some more classy looking photos, and was surprised that it was filled with the homeless population of SLC and there we are dressed all fancy.  Sure made us feel grateful for all our many blessings!

It was such a fun experience and we are so grateful to the amazing JESSICA FEELY for some great shots!

Thank you!