Surprise Party // Cam 25

Cameron is turning the BIG 25 this weekend but we decided to celebrate a little early!
I had a great weekend planned for him with help from all his friends and family!
Saturday morning Cam went out shooting with the scouts
Then I sent him to Mesa for his first flight lesson of his pilots license!
He got to spend the day with Dad which is pretty much one of his favorite things to do…
With everyone’s help we threw Cam a great Mardi Gras themed surprise party!
He loved it and was grinning ear to ear the rest of the day.
We finished off the weekend with a family dinner Sunday in Mesa with yummy Chicken Crepes and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!

The Student Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day was created on our
 lovely student budget… dun dun dun
Actually, I had so much fun making these corny/cute love notes and hiding them all around the house for Cam to find on the big day!  I topped it off with an envelope package that had 8 coupons for crazy whimsical dates throughout the rest of the year!
Cameron loved it so I was thrilled!

Have Your Cake And Eat It Twice

A wedding tradition that I have always loved is that the couple freezes the top of their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary.  Well you may or may not know the story of our cake, but i’ll remind you real fast.

We took our cake on our honeymoon with us to Mexico because we were flying home after and would not be able to pick it up in SC.  Not a problem, I would carry it on the flight and it would be a-okay. Um no, we got stranded on the tarmac for 8 hours… with no food.  One thing you should know is I get hungry, fast.  So we ate our cake :) yum.  I’ll never regret it.

Luckily, my sweet cake decorator made me two new mini cakes that tasted just like our wedding cake [pound cake with cream cheese & chocolate ganache]. I brought them back home with me after my latest trip to Carolina :)

Cam and I also picked out wedding cards to give each other because the traditional first anniversary gift is “paper.”  However, cards now a days our expensive and we both knew we would throw them away so we chose our cards, read them, and took a picture to remember!

He’s so cute to me huh?! :)

Body Body // Year 1

For our one year anniversary we were planning on one of two adventures to celebrate.
Plan 1: Play & Run around St. George
Plan 2: VEGAS

We choose plan 2.  The day before we were going to leave we heard our friends had been planning a trip to Sin City as well to celebrate a birthday.  We decided it would be so fun (and cheaper) to all ride down and go play together. And that’s just what we did!

Friday evening after some quick spaghetti we drove down to Vegas and all stayed at our friends cousins house.  Um… gorgeous! We were so lucky and she was so sweet and hospitable!

Saturday we went out to lunch at Cane’s and then off to strip…
I mean the strip :)
We all were dying to see The Body Exhibit! Basically they preserve human bodies and vasculature really really well and you just have to see it to understand! We spent over 2 hours walking around and looking at organs, tissue, vessels, and more! You’re not suppose to take pictures but you know I snapped a quick one. After stopping by M&M’s world we headed back home for dinner and watched Despicable Me.

Sunday was our day to sit back and enjoy some sunshine.  We had a delicious lunch with leftovers from dinner.  Cam got so burnt.  Poor thing!

Sunday night, Cam and I headed back to visit some sites we had been dying to see before we left…
Flamingos and Flamingo Hotel
Bellagio Fountain

Volcano at The Mirage
We also saw a Steve Tyler look alike
Chocolate By The Bald Guy

H&M (closed for famous people party, lame)
Billboard Music Awards

Cam had found a great deal on living social for a nice hotel and booked it for us for Sunday night.  We headed over and it was absolutely gorgeous!  It was the perfect weekend getaway and we even got a free breakfast buffet for our anniversary.

All good things must come to an end and so Monday we headed home to Utah.  Vegas we’ll we back again!

Oh Happy Year {1}

One year ago…
I married my best friend, Cameron Brett Smith.
In case you’re behind too I’ll break the year down for you in one sweet post.
Then had a Reception
Had an Open House in California
Shopped San Francisco
Celebrated July 4th
Camped in Moab
Zip-lined Park City
Dance Competition in Vegas
Went to Weddings
Cheered on BYU
Dressed Up
Went Black Friday Shopping in AZ at 3am
Saw 7 Temples
Got iPhones
Went to the Dinosaur Museum
Dressed Up Again
City Creek Mall
Ran a 5K
Hiked the Y
Celebrated our Anniversary in Vegas
Well when you put it that way, that’s a lot of marriage in 1 year with 2 part time jobs & 2 full time students.
We are on that adventure all right and it’s better than I imagined.


So a few weekends ago Husband and his bestie decided to go out a do a triathlon.  They go road biking multiple times a week but didn’t train for the run or swim.  Me and the Mrs. Bestie decided to go show our  husbands what amazing cheerleaders we are and give them some fab support!  
They were in the zone the morning of the race and seemed really nervous realizing that maybe they should have trained a little for the event.  After they headed off, we started our wifely duties of sign making and drove to the event markers!
Well check it!!! Our Husbands did amazing and finished 20th and 21st overall out of over 300 athletes.  They came in 3rd and 4th in their divisions and looked studly doing it! :) What proud wives we are!
The boys are now competing in a 140 mile (yes, that is driving from P-town to SLC 4 times) bike race in the middle of June.  The “4C” or “Cambridge Court Cycling Club” or “Felaton”  boys are each trying to raise $500 for Cancer Awareness.  If you have a lot of money or don’t, but like to charge things to your credit card, or have a rich great-uncle, or found a penny the other day – donate it to help the boys out in their race for the cure!  Click Here To Donate!

Mr. Smith Turns 24

Husband just turned 24! My goodness he is getting old ;)  We had very busy schedules during his birthday week and had to improvise with celebrating at different times throughout the week!  He said that he had a great birthday! I love my handsome, smart, and talented 24 year old hubby!

Our Apartment Complex Remembered!
A Southern Style Dinner at the
Request of the B-day Boy


 It is truly official! We went down to Arizona for Thanksgiving to see our wonderful family and spend time enjoying that warm weather!  The Tuesday after Turkey Day Cameron had his dental school interview with Midwestern University.  He was very excited for the opportunity and the day he had been preparing so long for. He had to be in Glendale ready for his interview at 7:30am.  Pretty early when you are on vacation recovering from school stress!  But Cam is kind of amazing if you haven’t already met him and was looking as sharp as ever in his black Italian suit and sporting the BYU blue and yes Italian tie. :)  The interview went great and Cam was all smiles when we picked him up from campus at 2:30pm.  We went house hunting around the area and saw some really great deals!  I am getting more and more excited and use to the idea of living in Arizona…

…AND I SHOULD BE!  Two days later on December 1st my amazingly smart and talented husband got his acceptance call to Midwestern University!  Watch out world – – Cameron Smith, newly accepted dental student, is on his way!

Be Grateful

For thanksgiving Cam and I flew down to Arizona to spend the holiday with his sweet family. How fun to spend time in the warm air on such a beautiful day! We woke up early and took a hike up a fun cliff and repelled down many times with the family and friends. It was fun to spend the morning outdoors and to appreciate some of Gods beautiful creations! We got cleaned up and had a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Next was of course a nap and movie night. There was lots of munching! We are so grateful to have each other and spend time with family. I am thankful for my knowledge of the gospel and for my savior Jesus Christ. I love my husband and all that he does for me and his sweet example to others! I hope everyone had a very happy day!

{Jeans: Buckle, Sweater: Hollister, Scarf: Splash}