Four Year Anniversary


Four years! Crazy!!! It has truly been the best years of my life and I am so grateful for a loving husband that supports my goals and dreams but more importantly a best friend that motivates me to be a better person. Thursday was the big day but unfortunately life doesn’t stop to celebrate. I had a 13 hour clinical in ICU which honestly was rough to say the least and Cam had scheduled patient’s back to back since he would be on break this week. (yay 1 year left!) Lucky for me the man knows the way to my heart and Friday night drove me to Scottsdale for a little anniversary ‘staycation’. The hotel was so sweet and was thrilled to upgrade us to celebrate. We decided it would be fun to throw back on our wedding clothes, order room service and have a wonderful relaxing break. It was seriously just what we needed and we stayed up laughing and talking about how much we love our life together! No matter where I am, Cam always feels like home to me.



Kisses from the Mrs

Smith3 IMG_6396 IMG_6398I have a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Some people say that we shouldn’t just celebrate love just one day of the year and I completely agree! However, marriage and love isn’t showering each other with gifts everyday of the year to show your feelings. I love when I have a long day and I come home to a clean house. I appreciate when Cam takes the dogs out running so they get out some energy and we can have a quiet night at home. Love is letting me watch Friends on Netflix when a new episode of Arrow is on. Love is when Cam tells me we have to leave at 4:30pm because he knows I will be running late and we don’t have to leave till 5:00pm :)

There are numerous ways to show your love for someone. My new favorite (hopeful tradition) is Galentine’s to celebrate the strong and loving women in my life. This Saturday at PB we held a #loveyourbody campaign with Health Magazine and I got to see some of my favorite women work hard for their goals and celebrate their journey.

Cam took me to a church dance this weekend and then when I came home from working Pure Barre he set up a picnic in our living room(gush!) He had some sweet gifts set up for me as well. We had the best day relaxing and then grabbed dinner and froyo with his parents. I love my hubby and family so much and hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your special someone or best gals!

Check out are mini clip below… xoxo

Cinque Terre

Tuesday, we took a bus to Cinque Terre. There are 5 lands (as the name explains) too see and we ran short on time to see all 5. Oh well, guess we will have to go back! On the bus ride Cam talked to a little lady that lives in one of the towns. She was explaining how a few years ago a mudslide destroyed a few of the towns and they had to rebuild it over the years.  Well, I couldn’t tell a difference, it was beautiful either way!

I saw the most adorable couple when we arrived and we always talk about young love but their ‘old love’ made my cheesy chic flick heart skip a beat! We decided to hike to the highest point at our first stop. We literally did not see a person the whole hike. It was gorgeous and very steep, and as you can see below we were not exactly dressed for this climb… it was so worth it and the view was breathtaking! The ocean was vast and empty and waves gently rolled in. Flowers and vines bloomed all around us.  We hiked back down and headed over to the next  town.  We watch some boys play football (American Soccer) and they were freakin awesome! We toured an old WWII bunker and Cam was in war heaven.  It was trashed inside probably from bums and tourists but it was amazing to think about defending a land from that tiny stone hut.  We also saw some war grave sites and walked the ocean shore line.  Cameron showed me a statue of a man holding the city on his shoulders and we walked down to the water but I didn’t dare get in! Brrrr! We grabbed some yummy gelato and headed home. Such a relaxing day as we walked around like it was our home town.

We hopped a train back to La Spezia and grabbed our bags to head down south to ROME!

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Saturday we checked out of our hotel in Milan and took a train to Venice for the day. The hotel was awesome and let us keep our luggage in a locked room for the day but we brought all our most valuables with us of course.

Venice was BY FAR my favorite city. When we go back to Italy, I would spend much more time here!  It was clean, not a ton of tourists, GREAT food, romantic, inspiring and just relaxing. We were so scared it would be freezing cold and even flood that we were planning on buying rain boots after our train arrived, but we stepped off and it was gorgeous.  Bright & beautiful!

We took a boat through the grand canal to Basilica di San Marco to see the square and tour the Cathedral. The boat ride was nice but after sitting on a train you just want to explore, not sit and wait more.  We wished we had just walked to the church, seen more, and saved money. It probably would have taken the same amount of time. Although, romantically appealing, gondola rides are super expensive and I think I would rather walk the city!

The Cathedral and square were both gorgeous and the line to view the church was pretty manageable. You can’t bring in book bags or purses and there is a place to check them but Cameron wasn’t to thrilled with the idea. The ceiling is all gold and just breathtaking. Afterwards, we ate the BEST panini of our lives, then walked around, got lost and embraced the city.  We poked our heads in and out of  some small stores, ate a huge chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips and topped the day off with our first of many gelato stops! Do you see how important eating is yet? :)

Here are some of my favorite moments.

DSCN3724 DSCN3746 DSCN3749 DSCN3753 DSCN3765 DSCN3774 DSCN3785 DSCN3800 DSCN3803 DSCN3807 DSCN3818 DSCN3832 DSCN3848 DSCN3856 IMG_6487


PCH & Big Sur

This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and can’t wait to go back soon! I loved my summer vacation with my hubby and wish it hadn’t been so short! But I love the memories we made and the fun we had! What was your favorite summer vacation? I would love to hear/read about it!
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>>Due Anni

Tuesday was our anniversary!!!
Cameron loves me THIS MUCH that he made me a delicious breakfast, let me hang out with my friend by the pool all day, told me to pack a bag, took me to dinner then out to Scottsdale for the whole evening to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! Kid is impressive!
Love this boy more and more!