>>Flying High

What a fun weekend with the hubby and our friends! We live nearby an Air Force base and got to go on base this Saturday and watch the pilots put on the coolest air show.  I seriously felt like a 7 year old boy yelling “Did you SEE that!!!!?” Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend! xoxo

DSCN5710 DSCN5723 DSCN5743 DSCN5746 DSCN5747 DSCN5756 DSCN5759 DSCN5760 DSCN5778


>>Happy Halloween Forrest Gump


We love Halloween round here! Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice smell… well pumpkin everything really, candy, dressing up, cooler weather, hiking. AHH I am so freakin excited!  We went as Russell & Mr. Fredricksen from ‘UP’ for our ward Trunk or Treat.  Then Saturday we headed to party with our dental school friends as Forrest Gump & Lieutenant Dan.  Here are some of my favorites from this October!

DSCN3416 DSCN3430 DSCN3438 DSCN3442 DSCN3461

DSCN3513 DSCN3514 DSCN3515 DSCN3518


Lake Powell Half Marathon



^^Lucid Images UT^^DSCN3247


^^Lucid Images UT^^ DSCN3316 DSCN3326

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photo 3 DSCN3383 DSCN3387

photo (1)

DSCN3388 DSCN3411 DSCN3414

Two weekends ago I completed one of my goals on my bucket list! I have a few lists and will be posting more about those later.  Cameron & I drove up to Lake Powell which is partially in Arizona and partially in Utah.  It was a crazy trip and took a lot longer due to some road issues we didn’t expect, but we tried to look up :)

Saturday morning was race day and I met up with my awesome race partner Lisa! Pretty sure I had to pee 5 times and was trying to stay warm as I shivered in the dark waiting for our race to start. Luckily my two best boys were their to support me!

Cam was photographer for the day and also captured the start of my race on video… more to come soon! He is such a great support to me and I love him more and more each day! I also grabbed two images from the race photographer Lucid Images UT; amazing work! Check them out here!

After the race, Lisa and I were pretty sick and extremely tired but we both placed in our age groups which made up for the shaking muscles and need to throw up… again. I placed 4th and was thrilled to have that accomplishment for my first half marathon! Thanks Vacation Races!

I pretty much locked myself in the bathroom and took a long hot bath then slept the rest of the day.  Sunday we packed up to head home but first took a gorgeous stroll up a race trail to grab some pictures.  Looking back at how far I ran the day before really hit home for me and made me grateful for my healthy body and that it puts up with all my  training, dancing, etc.

I love the pictures of Duke and how happy he was to run with Cam and play in the park.  He has so much energy and I love being a mom to that furry boy!


Salome Jug Canyoneering


DSCN3005 IMG_3598 IMG_3602 IMG_3610 IMG_3619 IMG_3629 IMG_3638 IMG_3655 IMG_3666 IMG_3675 IMG_3720 IMG_3735 IMG_3753

Mr. Smith and I AND two of our favorite couples went on a canyoneering trip a few weekends back.  What is canyoneering you ask? Yeah, about that.. I don’t really know, so I looked it up.  It is pretty much using a variety of outdoor skills (that our husbands happen to be somewhat experts in, thank goodness) including but not limited to, climbing, jumping, rappelling, swimming, hiking/walking or in my case scrambling through a gorge and sometimes over a waterfall.

Luckily, Arizona is one of the best states to perform such activity.  Yay for us…

I’m kidding… kind of. But seriously, we had a great time and learned a lot about each other and our stupid daredevil adventurous husbands. Check it out!

*If you are an avid outdoors man and want to know what we took… we bought along in our “backpacks”, wetsuits for the girls, 1 30 meter repel rope, a waterproof camera, cliff bars, waters, neoprene socks, harnesses and helmets for each person, a locking carabiner, a figure 8, as well as regular hiking gear.

>>Ballerina Inspired Fashion //PHXFW










Phoenix Fashion Week pretty much made us feel like rockstars! We loved having are picture taken and meeting such amazing people and designers! We got to meet Ashley from The Shine Project (check out her project here), chatted it up with Miss Arizona (her first pageant and she won!), and 2012 Designer of the Year, Bri Seeley! These ladies have such sweet hearts and I loved meeting them.

Bri Seeley’s collection this year was my favorite by far! She is amazing and paired beautiful feminine fabrics with soft colors and delicate design.  Seriously, I want one of her skirts, BAD.  I also loved the Herbert Victoria & Efua collections from up and coming designers.

*I also tried out my new black skirt, didn’t really know where I would wear this puppy but new it would be BIG.  Mr. Smith pretty much stuffed me into the car. Tulle overload.  He said he liked it because it looked like a wedding dress, and I said, what a wedding dress you would also wear to a funeral?! We laughed for ever and now we call it my funeral wedding dress.

 The last two pictures are for your pure enjoyment.  Don’t tell Mr. Smith but I see a baby blue onesie suit in someones future ;)

But really, what do you think of that ‘onesie’… well, whatever you want to call it?

>>Unexpected Things

Shirt: Lulus|Jacket: Forever 21|Shoes: Charlotte Russe |Pants: Q
I had the best time hanging out with my friend Lacy this week and talking blogging and all its quirks. It has been a really stressful week for me and so many unexpected things have popped up that it was driving me crazy! I will admit it, I am a planner to the T.  I like for everything to be scheduled and it helps keep me organized and productive, but for some reason, this week was chaos! Does that ever happen to you? What do you do to keep life on schedule and stay on top of all your errands?
I was so happy to be able to have some girl time and just relax.  Maybe, I should schedule that in more often, yes! Lace is great friend and always makes me smile.  Her style is so perfect for her personality and she was so fun to spend the day with!