Kisses from the Mrs

Smith3 IMG_6396 IMG_6398I have a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Some people say that we shouldn’t just celebrate love just one day of the year and I completely agree! However, marriage and love isn’t showering each other with gifts everyday of the year to show your feelings. I love when I have a long day and I come home to a clean house. I appreciate when Cam takes the dogs out running so they get out some energy and we can have a quiet night at home. Love is letting me watch Friends on Netflix when a new episode of Arrow is on. Love is when Cam tells me we have to leave at 4:30pm because he knows I will be running late and we don’t have to leave till 5:00pm :)

There are numerous ways to show your love for someone. My new favorite (hopeful tradition) is Galentine’s to celebrate the strong and loving women in my life. This Saturday at PB we held a #loveyourbody campaign with Health Magazine and I got to see some of my favorite women work hard for their goals and celebrate their journey.

Cam took me to a church dance this weekend and then when I came home from working Pure Barre he set up a picnic in our living room(gush!) He had some sweet gifts set up for me as well. We had the best day relaxing and then grabbed dinner and froyo with his parents. I love my hubby and family so much and hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your special someone or best gals!

Check out are mini clip below… xoxo


>>Flying High

What a fun weekend with the hubby and our friends! We live nearby an Air Force base and got to go on base this Saturday and watch the pilots put on the coolest air show.  I seriously felt like a 7 year old boy yelling “Did you SEE that!!!!?” Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend! xoxo

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Lake Pleasant, AZ

Cam is off school for the next eighteen days and we could not be more excited to explore Arizona and have fun with Duke. This morning we decided to take a day trip to Lake Pleasant.  The water was gorgeous and warm and the day was sunny and clear.  We hiked around the beach, played in the water and ate lunch on the shore.  It is days like this that I love to be alive and with my family.

Italian Restaurant Find

 {We are trying to find the little things Arizona has that you can’t find anywhere else.  Landscapes, shops, hikes, restaurants.} 
 Hubby took me to a delicious little Italian bistro called Nostalgi’a Cancione e Vino that we would have never found, but DID because another restaurant was closed AND it was AMAZING! They have great lighting for the atmosphere, live music and GREAT FOOD! 
They bake you a loaf of fresh French bread when you come in, which is so worth waiting for and bring you roasted red pepper dipping sauce that we devoured!
I had the Jersey Pizza and Cam ate Salsiccia Pasta.  We both loved it and then shared a piece of five layer chocolate cake!  It was gone so fast that the only picture to take was our empty plate!

My Definition of Gun Control

Tuesday morning, the adorable hubby took me on a fun date! His little sister Kenzi tagged along too, but I didn’t mind, the more the merrier!

All of us had some tension built up over stress from the weekend and decided the best way to let off that steam was to go shoot something. It is a very logical idea if you think about it.  It’s also a southern way to deal with your problems, so count me in!

Arizona is all about the right to own a gun and they heavily promote teaching women to be confident behind the pistol, so every Tuesday and Friday, it’s free lane and gun rentals for ladies! We had our own glock 40 and 9mm so we didn’t have to rent and only Cam had to pay for his lane and our targets.  Talk about the cheapest date ever people.  I’m telling you, this was a winner!

We started with my favorite, the glock, at 10-15 feet away and had 2 rounds (20 bullets) each.  If you had to actually use a gun to protect yourself the attacker would probably be in close range.  (Oh geez, y’all are gonna think I am some insane southern republican woman that honors her right to protect herself.  Yup. That just about covers it.)

20 shots all within 7-8-9-10
Let’s just say that Cameron couldn’t stop talking about how impressed he was.  That’s right folks, two and a half years of knowing each other and I can still knock the socks off my husband.
Girls. Raised. In. The. South.

AZ is Freakin Hot

I miss UTAH.
There. I said it.
Arizona is freakin hot.  Honestly, I think there are two temperatures.  
1. Hot 
2. Hotter than HELLo!
Anywho, I was looking back at some fun pictures before Cam and I moved to “Little Mexico” (more on this later) and found these beauts from our adventure to try and visit all the Utah Temples we could.  It was such a fun day walking around the temple grounds with the sunshine on our faces and wind in our hair. 
Ha. Okay this is not a romance novel.  But really, this was a fun day date.  I would totally recommend it on free dates to do with your spouse.  
Other free (or almost free) dates include…
a. August Movies at Rock Canyon Park
b. Rooftop Concert Series
c. Center Street First Friday Festival
d. Photo Shoot
e. Ice Blocking ($2)
f. Watch a Sunset at Squawpeek
g. Hike…Well, Anywhere
h. Bake Something And Leave To Ding Dong Door Ditch Your Neighbors
i. Scavenger Hunt With Friends
Shade Shirt: Downeast Basics, Shirt: Express, Pants: Banana Republic, Belt: Target, Shoes: Soda
Love y’all! Happy Hump Day!

The Ultimate Utah Bucket List


I lived in Utah for  4 years during college and started thinking about all the fun and adventures I had!. Utah really was a wonderful place to live and go to school and as it got closer to moving day  I decided to make a list of some of the activities I enjoyed that are native or well known to the Beehive State!

Top 10 Outdoor Adventures:

1. Festival of Colors – Hare Krishna in Spanish Fork
2. Zion’s National Park
3. Paragliding Point of the Mountain
4. Hiking The ‘Y’ – Provo
5. Young Living Lavender Run – 5K
6. Mona Rope Swing
7. Arches National Park
8. Soldier Hollow Snow Tubing
9. Brighton Ski Resort
10. Natural Hot Springs

Top 10 Activities:

1. LDS Conference & Temple Square
2. City Creek Shopping Center
3. The Great Salt Lake Salt Flats
4. Park City Film Festival
5. 7 Peaks
6. Thanksgiving Point
7. Summer Movies in the Park
8. BYU Sports
9. Provo July 4th Parade
10. Alpine Coaster

Top 10 Must Eats:

1. J Dawgs
2. The Chocolate
3. Terra Mia
4. The Mayan
5. Cafe Rio
6. The Sweet Tooth Fairy
7. Blue Lemon
8. Brick Oven
9. BYU Creamery
10. Swig