Four Year Anniversary


Four years! Crazy!!! It has truly been the best years of my life and I am so grateful for a loving husband that supports my goals and dreams but more importantly a best friend that motivates me to be a better person. Thursday was the big day but unfortunately life doesn’t stop to celebrate. I had a 13 hour clinical in ICU which honestly was rough to say the least and Cam had scheduled patient’s back to back since he would be on break this week. (yay 1 year left!) Lucky for me the man knows the way to my heart and Friday night drove me to Scottsdale for a little anniversary ‘staycation’. The hotel was so sweet and was thrilled to upgrade us to celebrate. We decided it would be fun to throw back on our wedding clothes, order room service and have a wonderful relaxing break. It was seriously just what we needed and we stayed up laughing and talking about how much we love our life together! No matter where I am, Cam always feels like home to me.




Saturday we checked out of our hotel in Milan and took a train to Venice for the day. The hotel was awesome and let us keep our luggage in a locked room for the day but we brought all our most valuables with us of course.

Venice was BY FAR my favorite city. When we go back to Italy, I would spend much more time here!  It was clean, not a ton of tourists, GREAT food, romantic, inspiring and just relaxing. We were so scared it would be freezing cold and even flood that we were planning on buying rain boots after our train arrived, but we stepped off and it was gorgeous.  Bright & beautiful!

We took a boat through the grand canal to Basilica di San Marco to see the square and tour the Cathedral. The boat ride was nice but after sitting on a train you just want to explore, not sit and wait more.  We wished we had just walked to the church, seen more, and saved money. It probably would have taken the same amount of time. Although, romantically appealing, gondola rides are super expensive and I think I would rather walk the city!

The Cathedral and square were both gorgeous and the line to view the church was pretty manageable. You can’t bring in book bags or purses and there is a place to check them but Cameron wasn’t to thrilled with the idea. The ceiling is all gold and just breathtaking. Afterwards, we ate the BEST panini of our lives, then walked around, got lost and embraced the city.  We poked our heads in and out of  some small stores, ate a huge chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips and topped the day off with our first of many gelato stops! Do you see how important eating is yet? :)

Here are some of my favorite moments.

DSCN3724 DSCN3746 DSCN3749 DSCN3753 DSCN3765 DSCN3774 DSCN3785 DSCN3800 DSCN3803 DSCN3807 DSCN3818 DSCN3832 DSCN3848 DSCN3856 IMG_6487



My next few posts will be from our world wind crazy trip to Italy! We started and ended our Italy trip and Milan.  It was gorgeous, full of history, fashion, and architecture!

Even before we got married, Cameron and I talked about traveling the world.  He said that when we got married I could visit a country every year. Selling point, am I right!?  We talked a lot about visiting Italy since Cameron had served his two year mission for the church there.  We floated around with the idea of traveling back with his family or taking an adventure on our own.  With the announcement of the Rome Temple, we also thought of visiting for the dedication.  We had purchased a lot of flight in the past and joined every skymiles program out there to get points and around October we realized I had enough for a free round trip ticket and he had enough for half.  Well, his brain went into what I call ‘Italian Mode’ and one night I came home from work and he had been looking at tickets all evening and found some great deals, I half jokingly said, “well book them already!” and he did! After jumping up and down on the bed we went into making plans and finding contacts to stay with and making our ITALY BUCKET LIST!  I loved the spontaneity of the trip and the adventure in our lives.  I am pretty type a and like to have a plan set but I was okay with just diving in headfirst. It was liberating!

We left during Cameron’s semester break and flew from Phoenix to New York and then on to Rome. We tried to get on a good sleeping schedule on the plane and luckily had entire rows each to ourselves to spread out and sleep. We flew Delta, had amazing food and great flight staff.  I was rather impressed! We woke up in Milan Friday morning and after going through customs and all that jazz we walked out to a cold brisk air. We exchanged some money -p.s. do this in the U.S. first to avoid fees- and grabbed a bus to the main train station. From there we researched a hotel for the night and thank heavens that boy speaks fluent Italian.  I never would have made it on looks alone ;) Just kidding, but really having my own personal tour guide was pretty sweet! We grabbed some -too pretty to eat pastries- at Pasticceria Caffetteria for breakfast, can you say food porn?! Cameron was so excited by the fresh water fountains that are everywhere and I am pretty sure it was the first thing he did after stepping foot outside the station!

We stayed at a pretty nice hotel we found online and we thought we weren’t even that tired but would shut our eyes for a little bit and then hit some sights. FAIL! We woke up at 7:00pm that night hungry as ever and ready to go! We grabbed some delicious pizza in a plaza and toured the Duomo di Milano. Absolutely gorgeous and HUGE! You aren’t suppose to take pictures inside and there I was the ignorant American snapping away. Whoops! Just FYI some cathedrals do allow photos but most don’t out of respect. Makes sense to me. We walked around the rest of the night and one of my favorite moments was this tiny little bookstore that I wanted to spend the rest of my life in. Just look below, so quaint!



DSCN3594 DSCN3598 DSCN3600 DSCN3608 DSCN3610 DSCN3616 DSCN3640 DSCN3644 DSCN3645 DSCN3653 DSCN3675 DSCN3678 DSCN3679 DSCN3681 DSCN3676


Salome Jug Canyoneering


DSCN3005 IMG_3598 IMG_3602 IMG_3610 IMG_3619 IMG_3629 IMG_3638 IMG_3655 IMG_3666 IMG_3675 IMG_3720 IMG_3735 IMG_3753

Mr. Smith and I AND two of our favorite couples went on a canyoneering trip a few weekends back.  What is canyoneering you ask? Yeah, about that.. I don’t really know, so I looked it up.  It is pretty much using a variety of outdoor skills (that our husbands happen to be somewhat experts in, thank goodness) including but not limited to, climbing, jumping, rappelling, swimming, hiking/walking or in my case scrambling through a gorge and sometimes over a waterfall.

Luckily, Arizona is one of the best states to perform such activity.  Yay for us…

I’m kidding… kind of. But seriously, we had a great time and learned a lot about each other and our stupid daredevil adventurous husbands. Check it out!

*If you are an avid outdoors man and want to know what we took… we bought along in our “backpacks”, wetsuits for the girls, 1 30 meter repel rope, a waterproof camera, cliff bars, waters, neoprene socks, harnesses and helmets for each person, a locking carabiner, a figure 8, as well as regular hiking gear.

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Now For The Many Faces of Mr. Smith
Gosh I love you Cameron!

>>Due Anni

Tuesday was our anniversary!!!
Cameron loves me THIS MUCH that he made me a delicious breakfast, let me hang out with my friend by the pool all day, told me to pack a bag, took me to dinner then out to Scottsdale for the whole evening to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! Kid is impressive!
Love this boy more and more!

Surprise Party // Cam 25

Cameron is turning the BIG 25 this weekend but we decided to celebrate a little early!
I had a great weekend planned for him with help from all his friends and family!
Saturday morning Cam went out shooting with the scouts
Then I sent him to Mesa for his first flight lesson of his pilots license!
He got to spend the day with Dad which is pretty much one of his favorite things to do…
With everyone’s help we threw Cam a great Mardi Gras themed surprise party!
He loved it and was grinning ear to ear the rest of the day.
We finished off the weekend with a family dinner Sunday in Mesa with yummy Chicken Crepes and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!

The Student Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day was created on our
 lovely student budget… dun dun dun
Actually, I had so much fun making these corny/cute love notes and hiding them all around the house for Cam to find on the big day!  I topped it off with an envelope package that had 8 coupons for crazy whimsical dates throughout the rest of the year!
Cameron loved it so I was thrilled!