>>Duke Turns 2

Yes I  treat my dog like my child. He sleeps in his own bed but usually ends up in mine in the early hours of the morning. I use the Brita to pour his water because it’s easier and cold and I think if I want cold water he probably does too.  He pretty much goes wherever I do and that’s how I like it.  He is loving and sweet and yes, I feel bad if I leave him home alone too long. So of course I celebrate his birthday with singing to him, baking him a mini peanut butter cake, and taking him on a two hour play date to the dog park!

DSCN5148 DSCN5172 DSCN5218 DSCN5222 DSCN5224 DSCN5228**The mini dog cake is just a peanut butter cookie frosted with peanut butter and topped with 4 mini peanut butter flavored dog training treats. :)


Surprise Party // Cam 25

Cameron is turning the BIG 25 this weekend but we decided to celebrate a little early!
I had a great weekend planned for him with help from all his friends and family!
Saturday morning Cam went out shooting with the scouts
Then I sent him to Mesa for his first flight lesson of his pilots license!
He got to spend the day with Dad which is pretty much one of his favorite things to do…
With everyone’s help we threw Cam a great Mardi Gras themed surprise party!
He loved it and was grinning ear to ear the rest of the day.
We finished off the weekend with a family dinner Sunday in Mesa with yummy Chicken Crepes and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!

Duke Turns 1 (or 10.5?)

Okay so we’re THOSE people that celebrate our dogs birthday but who cares!
Our sweet baby puppy turned 1 today!
I looked up the conversion and it’s ten and a half in dog years but I don’t know…
Duke weighs 76lbs and loves peanut butter, so… I made him this doggie cake! He loved it and even let us put on a party hat that Cameron made him.
He got a new walking collar and leash for his big day and we went on a walk around the park.  He came home to enjoy a yummy new bone!
Check out when we first got Duke!
Happy First Birthday Duke!

A Pink One

Our sweet niece, Callie, turned 3! And what kind of party was she going to have? Ask her and she would tell you: “A pink one!” :) 
Here are some pictures of the fun with friends and family!
Brielle made these adorable Minnie Mouse birthday invitations and added a removable bow for each little girl to keep as a hair clip.
Mrs. Sherrie made this adorable pink chevron dress for a present for Callie.  It turned out amazing! Don’t you think? I want one in my size!
Happy Birthday Callie Girl!

Mr. Smith Turns 24

Husband just turned 24! My goodness he is getting old ;)  We had very busy schedules during his birthday week and had to improvise with celebrating at different times throughout the week!  He said that he had a great birthday! I love my handsome, smart, and talented 24 year old hubby!

Our Apartment Complex Remembered!
A Southern Style Dinner at the
Request of the B-day Boy