Shine On

DSCN7513DSCN7499 DSCN7501 DSCN7510
DSCN7517 DSCN7526 DSCN7531

Shirt: Target|Skirt: Mindy Mae’s Market|Shoes: Michael Kors|Bracelets: White House Black Market

I have been obsessed with this skirt for quite a while now and finally just purchased the beauty! I am so in love with it and wish I could wear it everywhere! It sure give a good light show when it hits the sun :) I was thinking about how when one beam of light hits the fabric it projects tons of light and sparkle around the room. I think my focus for the rest of the year is to do the same as I come into contact with numerous people whether it be patients at the hospital, parents or youth at church, or a stranger on the street. I want them to see my shine and have my presence, however long or short, be a positive and uplifting one.

“never let anyone dull your sparkle”


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