Roma, Italia Day 3 & VIDEO DIARY

Day 3 in Rome we woke up to freezing rain and cold winds. We bundled up and left to tour the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.  We were lucky that we bought Roma Passes for bus/train/metro rides and entry into attractions because we got to skip the 2 hour wait into the Colosseum and walked right in. The city is restoring parts of the stage back which was neat in some ways but seemed wrong to disturb such an important historical monument. I loved seeing the different styles of pillars and columns that we had once studied in our history of creativity and design classes. I can hardly wrap my head around how people built such magnificent works of architecture with such little technology.  We walked over to the Forum and I love how they had laid out the pillars where they would have been originally.

About this point in the day I felt super sick. We had been rained on most the day and it was bone chilling cold. We went into a McDonald’s of all places to rest and I fell asleep and woke up to some crazy worker yelling at me that I couldn’t sleep there. I tell you the amount of times I got in trouble in Italy should set some kind of record. Then I fell asleep again. :/ We finally made it home and I ran for that warm shower. We ate a simple meal of meat, cheese, bread, and olive oil and I began to feel a little better. I went to bed and slept almost all of Saturday. I was sad that I was sick on our vacation but at one point I didn’t even care because I felt like death was coming for me right then.

Sunday we traveled back to Milan and got in very late. We had reserved a room through Airbnb for 3 nights. Our host was super nice and I began to feel much better. We went grocery shopping, toured the painting of The Last Supper (no pictures allowed and only 15-20 people at a time in the room) and went SHOPPING! We finished it off with Shockolat because what would the end of an Italian adventure be without GELATO!

*A few notes on traveling in Italy

-Pack clothes in a carry on just to be safe

-Exchange money in America first at your bank to avoid high exchange rate fees. We also could get cash from an ATM in Italy and we were only charge a $3 transaction fee from our home bank.

-You have to have your iphone unlocked to get an italian sim card

-Don’t use hotel phones, even for local calls

-Have a detailed map of each city ahead of time (we took pictures of some in a store)

-All the streets are cobblestone… wear appropriate shoes

-Buy water at a grocery store instead of cafe’s and restaurants (so much cheaper)

-Restaurants charge a cover or seating fee (eat where the locals eat, cheaper and better food)

-Buy a Roma pass for travel and you get 2 attractions free per pass and skip lines! (worth the money for your time). You cannot use it at Vatican City

-Validate train tickets before boarding to avoid fines up to $100

-Buying off street vendors  is sometimes illegal,  just be cautious

-Keep cash in a few different places

-I felt 100% safe in Italy all the time but Cameron also lived there for 2 years and speaks Italian fluently, just be smart and polite


Italy Video Diary

DSCN4570 IMG_1776 IMG_1778 IMG_6572



Let me know what you think! xoxo

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