Cinque Terre

Tuesday, we took a bus to Cinque Terre. There are 5 lands (as the name explains) too see and we ran short on time to see all 5. Oh well, guess we will have to go back! On the bus ride Cam talked to a little lady that lives in one of the towns. She was explaining how a few years ago a mudslide destroyed a few of the towns and they had to rebuild it over the years.  Well, I couldn’t tell a difference, it was beautiful either way!

I saw the most adorable couple when we arrived and we always talk about young love but their ‘old love’ made my cheesy chic flick heart skip a beat! We decided to hike to the highest point at our first stop. We literally did not see a person the whole hike. It was gorgeous and very steep, and as you can see below we were not exactly dressed for this climb… it was so worth it and the view was breathtaking! The ocean was vast and empty and waves gently rolled in. Flowers and vines bloomed all around us.  We hiked back down and headed over to the next  town.  We watch some boys play football (American Soccer) and they were freakin awesome! We toured an old WWII bunker and Cam was in war heaven.  It was trashed inside probably from bums and tourists but it was amazing to think about defending a land from that tiny stone hut.  We also saw some war grave sites and walked the ocean shore line.  Cameron showed me a statue of a man holding the city on his shoulders and we walked down to the water but I didn’t dare get in! Brrrr! We grabbed some yummy gelato and headed home. Such a relaxing day as we walked around like it was our home town.

We hopped a train back to La Spezia and grabbed our bags to head down south to ROME!

DSCN4060 DSCN4075 DSCN4078 DSCN4086 DSCN4088 DSCN4093 DSCN4095 DSCN4098 DSCN4101 DSCN4107 DSCN4115 DSCN4117 DSCN4123 DSCN4125 DSCN4131 DSCN4141 DSCN4148 DSCN4150 DSCN4160 DSCN4162 DSCN4179 DSCN4182



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