Florence, Italy

After driving from La Spezia to Pisa, we took a train to Florence to tour the streets of this gorgeous city. We saw a replica of The David (the real one was closed-check for reservations!), toured inside the Duomo Baptistery, saw the bell tower and visited Ponte Vecchio. We also went shopping down some of the streets and picked up a scarf and some gorgeous silk ties for Cameron.  AND of course tasted the local cuisine and grabbed some delicious Florentine Waffles! Florence was pretty and had lots of fun shopping but it was winding and cold and started to rain late that night.  We took a train back to La Spezia for the night and crashed after a long long day!

Firenze (Florence) through my lens.

DSCN3971 DSCN3978 DSCN3980 DSCN4001 DSCN4002 DSCN4003 DSCN4013

DSCN4032 DSCN4040 DSCN4053


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