>>My Blog-ings

Making : halloween sugar cookies
Cooking : broccoli curry chicken
Drinking : lots of water (post half marathon)
Reading: jodi picoult books
Wanting: a new dress from asos
Looking: at weekend pictures
Playing: with my hair
Wasting: time not sleeping
Sewing: are you kidding me?! haha
Wishing: two weeks would go by fast
Enjoying: watching my dog sleep next to my feet
Waiting: for mr. smith to finish his dental paper
Liking: the cool night breeze
Wondering: if i am living life to the fullest
Loving: my soft mustard blanket
Hoping: i can walk tomorrow (again, post marathon^)
Marvelling: at the support for the think pink project this next weekend
Needing: something sweet to eat
Smelling: my pumpkin spice candle
Wearing: not much :/
Following: too many people on instagram
Noticing: i need a pedicure
Knowing: too little
Thinking: about family
Feeling: cozy
Bookmarking: that asos dress!
Opening: pages on young women’s lessons
Giggling: at duke now licking my toes
Feeling: inspired to be myself

Loved this exercise that is on Pip’s Blog that I also copied from Lace.   It was fun to write down the first thing that popped into my head.  Usually, it’s hard for me to focus my thoughts and not think to much but I guess I am so tired from this weekend that it just worked.  Go try it yourself and comment when you do so I can read your blog-ings!


4 thoughts on “>>My Blog-ings

  1. i really love the new layout!! and your blog is a wonderful read:) i absolutely love your list. and i am dying to make halloween sugar cookies too. they are my fav! can’t wait to read more.

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