Prima Ballerina

My sweet friend Kelsey over at i just like the “B” and that’s all has opened up the cutest Etsy shop called Just  Buttons & Bows.  Now teaching a ton of cute ballerinas inspired me to order some bows for their ballerina buns.  They like wearing their hair in a bun more and I get to help out Kelsey! WIN WIN!  Check out some of their cute pictures from our very fast and informal photo shoot before class HERE!  Thanks so much Kelsey girl! :)

3 thoughts on “Prima Ballerina

  1. just found your blog from clicking on your button and the first thing that caught my eye was how incredibly cute your header picture is! those bows are really cute too :)

  2. That is the cutest name for the shop! It's great! Just stumbled on your blog and love it! Now following :) would love if you stopped by mine!


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