Kitchen Remodel

Over Thanksgiving break, the Husband and I remodeled our kitchen. It was a really fun and LONG project.  It took us a full two days to complete.
Before & After:
It took us the full two days to complete. We removed all the doors, sanded everything down, then cleaned all the dust off.  We primed first with an adhesive paint to prevent peeling and when it was dry we painted the cabinets. We choose hardware that we both really loved and re-attached all the doors and added bumpers so they wouldn’t stick together.  In total it cost us about $150 to remodel including the electric sander.  We really love the results and how much more open it makes out kitchen look!
What we used:
Sander $20 – Walmart
Primer $25 – HD
Paint $25 – HD
Hardware & a few extra supplies- $80 – HD

We already had:
Really good paint brushes (don’t skimp on the cheap ones, it’s not worth it)
Paint rollers
Drop Cloths
Painters Tape
Rags for cleaning
Paint Tray
*Remember my fabric roses? I made those dish towels from the same fabric!

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