Five Board Table

I found the idea for this project here on Pinterest.  
The project said, 5 boards, some nails, and paint.
Let’s tell the whole story here…
I went to Home Depot and picked out some boards.  The first time the sizes were too short and I needed angels cut.  So I went back a second time and bought a longer board and the men helped me cut the angles you see on the diagonal pieces.  However, they cut them for a square, not a rectangle so Cameron borrowed a saw and fixed them for me.  If you just used boards not cut at angles it would look quite odd.  Also, you need screws to hold together boards this think. Not nails.  I also sanded down the boards, or you would get splinters and then painted the whole table.
It turned out pretty cute, but is a little more work than the pin leads you to believe.

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