Sweet AND Salty

These are the yummiest (word or not) easiest snacks I have ever made.  I love them, the hubs loves them, and if you love pretzels and chocolate… you too will love them!
Hershey Kisses
1. Lay out square pretzels on a cookie sheet and place one Hershey Kiss on top.
2. Melt in oven for 90 seconds at 225 degrees.
3.  Place your preferred color of M&M on top (you don’t have to be OCD like me)
4. Place in fridge for 5-10 minutes and you’re done!  
I kept mine in a container in the fridge because I liked them kind of cold, but you do whatever your heart desires! I did fall color M&Ms for an October treat and then I did just blue M&Ms for a MWU dinner that I had Sunday.  I can see there being endless possibilities with this…
Black & White Kisses
Caramel Kisses
Reese’s Pieces
Mint M&Ms
What combos do you want to try?!

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