Guest Bathroom Remodel

Here is my before and after of our guest bathroom in our new house.


How I did it:
I got all my supplies at home depot.  
*Lay down plastic drop cloths.
First, I took off the doors and sanded all the wood down.
Next, I wiped them clean and taped off my paint area.  
I applied two coats of paint and let dry and sit over night.
I cleaned up my area, removed the tape. 
I reattached my doors, then added bumpers and hardware.
I did touch ups and cleaned up my area.
Items added/redone:
2 Bathroom mats (Target)
7 Towels/Hand towels (Target)
Shower Curtain (Target)
Picture Frame (Walmart)
Toilet Basket (Walmart)
Candle (Walmart)
Glass (Walmart)
Hooks (Walmart)
Hardware (Hobby Lobby)
Flowers (Hobby Lobby)
Perfume Bottle (Hobby Lobby)
Printable (Google)
Waste Basket ( Bed Bath & Beyond)
DIY Cabinets Refinished (Home Depot)


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