LuLu*s Love

Last night my friend Lacy took me to Lulu’s Style Studio for a Fashion Blogger Event! It was held in the Monorchid Gallery in Downtown Phoenix.  Lacy found the event through famous fashion blogger Mara at M Loves M.
It was such a rad event.  I loved everything from the location to the free give-aways and Lulu’s pop-up shop.  We got cute tote bags with a $15 gift card inside and also walked away with free makeup kits, chap stick, hair ties, bracelets, pomegranate juice, granola bars, buttons, and hand sanitizer.
After we had shopped around we got to spin for more free prizes lie clothes and giftcards.
Guess who won $500?
That’s right this lucky lady did! Seriously I was so shocked, everyone was screaming and clapping before I even realized what I had won!
Meeting Mara
We got to meet so many awesome people and had an amazing time! The boys came to meet up with us afterwards for dinner at Cibo and yummy Italian pizza!
What a fun night! Thanks Lacy girl :)

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