Burlap Flower Wreath

This is probably one of the simplest DIY projects out there.  If you hate crafting and think you are bad at it try to tackle this project.  People will think it took you hours and hours when it could be completed while watching your favorite TV show!
The Wreath is from Hobby Lobby for $14.99 but wait till it’s on sale at 50% off or use the daily 40% off coupon from their site.
Buy a couple yards of burlap at walmart for just $2-3 a yard.
Cut out 12-14 circles.  Don’t worry about it being a perfect circle just cut away.  The less perfect the better the flowers look!
Take a circle and start cutting a one inch strip till it looks like this.  Leave a small circle at the end.
Once you have all 12-14 circles cut and ribboned…
Take the end you first began cutting and start rolling the burlap in on itself until you reach the end.
It will look like this with the circle left over.  Hot glue the end of the burlap over the flower to make a bottom.
Repeat till all flowers are completed.
You could stop at 4 or 5 roses to get this look…
Or finish it off with all of them.  I used 13 roses.
Hot glue each rose in place on the wreath and voila! You’re done! 
Congrats on being so crafty!

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