Georgia Peach

The Smith family got a ton of peaches and so my darling mother in law made this amazing Peach Crisp for dessert.  Start drooling now…

Peach Crisp
2 parts oats
1 part sugar
1 part brown sugar
1 cube butter (softened not melted)
Line a pie pan with fresh cut peaches and sprinkle with tapioca to thicken.
Mix top four ingredients together to form crisp and spread over peaches.
Bake for 35 minutes at 350.
Voila! Serve with vanilla bean ice cream :)
Right before going in the oven:
After we ate 3/4 of it; I had to snap a quick picture before it was all gone!

5 thoughts on “Georgia Peach

  1. Hello! I think it is so funny that you just followed my blog, because I saw your comment come up while I was reading this peach recipe! I want to try it this week because peaches are delicious.

    Thanks for following :) And way to treat your self to some retail therapy. That ALWAYS helps me out

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