In The News & VIDEO

Right before I returned home from Panamá, I was contacted by Rob Novit from the Aiken Standard Newspaper in Aiken, South Carolina (my home town) about the newspaper writing an article on my travels abroad for dance and long history with the late Carl Crosby.  I was pleased to help the paper and flattered that they would want to write about my experiences with teaching dance to underprivileged children.  The article was published second page with a caption and picture on the front page July 30.  It was a nicely written article describing my adventures teaching and how I got in contact with the program Movement Exchange and my history at Crosby’s School of Dance. 
The article read:
After graduating from Brigham Young University in April, Aiken native Katie Smith wanted to try something different this summer.
And did she ever find it, spending 10 days with an exchange program in Panama – teaching various forms of dance to underprivileged children, including ballroom. She and others visited an orphanage and other facilities near Panama City.
“Our relationships formed with these children were rewarding beyond words,” Smith said via email. “The love that you can have for such tiny souls in a short amount of time is truly awe-inspiring.”
Others might not have had this opportunity without the tutelage and support of the legendary Carl Crosby, who died earlier this month at 88. He operated the Crosby School of Dance, founded the Aiken Civic Ballet Company and served as the company’s artistic director until 2011.
Here is an AMAZING video that a girl in our group made that shows what we did in Panama! Enjoy!

Let me know what you think! xoxo

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