AZ is Freakin Hot

I miss UTAH.
There. I said it.
Arizona is freakin hot.  Honestly, I think there are two temperatures.  
1. Hot 
2. Hotter than HELLo!
Anywho, I was looking back at some fun pictures before Cam and I moved to “Little Mexico” (more on this later) and found these beauts from our adventure to try and visit all the Utah Temples we could.  It was such a fun day walking around the temple grounds with the sunshine on our faces and wind in our hair. 
Ha. Okay this is not a romance novel.  But really, this was a fun day date.  I would totally recommend it on free dates to do with your spouse.  
Other free (or almost free) dates include…
a. August Movies at Rock Canyon Park
b. Rooftop Concert Series
c. Center Street First Friday Festival
d. Photo Shoot
e. Ice Blocking ($2)
f. Watch a Sunset at Squawpeek
g. Hike…Well, Anywhere
h. Bake Something And Leave To Ding Dong Door Ditch Your Neighbors
i. Scavenger Hunt With Friends
Shade Shirt: Downeast Basics, Shirt: Express, Pants: Banana Republic, Belt: Target, Shoes: Soda
Love y’all! Happy Hump Day!

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