The Day I Stole His Manhood

Happy Friday loverly people! (I hope you all know the song, if not, it’s from My Fair Lady; look it up)

This week has been a little rough for the tiny Smith family and probably most difficult for little old Duke.

You see, we took him to get…. ehem… neutered. Dun Dun DUN!

He turns 6 months old in just one week and so it was the perfect time to get the poor boy fixed.  There are a lot of reasons why we decided which include him being a less aggressive puppy to helping to prevent testicular cancer.

D-Day was scheduled for Wednesday at 6:30am and as we walked into the clinic the cutie dropped his head and tail and tried to make a break for the door.  The clinic was also filled with tiny yapping dogs that Duke could use as play toys and so keeping him at bay was a job in itself.  It was kind of hilarious to see the little pups showing their teeth and growling at Duke as his tail wagged to play.  Duke was the youngest and biggest dog there, at a whopping 52 pounds.  He is only half way grown! :/ AHH!

We dropped him off and came back to pick him up at 6pm.  We thought he was going to hate us but he was just pretty drugged, lethargic, and had most of the other symptoms that a human would get under anesthesia.

He has to wear a cone of shame so he won’t lick the stitches or if we can’t watch him full time. We also got an inguinal hernia repair done at the same time. Here are some poor pictures of the pooch and how we are spoiling him for the next two weeks of bed rest :)


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