Hola! I’m BACK!

Hola! I am finally back from my international adventures and I have missed y’all something crazy!

Where was I, you ask?
In Panamá, teaching dance (ballet, ballroom, modern, contact improv, jazz, salsa, we  basically taught it all) to underprivileged children and orphans.  You can read about my many experiences and daily life over at my DANCE BLOG.
ALSO, did you know that today is National Cheesecake Day?! 
I can’t wait to head over to Cheesecake Factory for my 50% off slice of cake! It’s dine in only but I’m cool with that! My favorite is Chocolate Tuxedo Cake… YUM!
You. Are. Welcome.
It’s pretty weird being back in the states and currently daily life consists of house hunting, teaching dance, and getting organized for dental school to start.
So with my not so interesting days, I decided to share with you my Sunday attire.
Dresses: Cotton On, Shirt: DownEast BasicsShoes: Charlotte Russe, Belt: Pretty sure it’s my cousins that I never returned… opps sorry Chels!

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