The List

Just an idea of what I am packing for Panamá
  • PASSPORT and documents
  • dance clothes and shoes
  • small boom boxes 
  • games to play with kids/activities
  • flashlight/head lamp
  • non–perishable snacks and spending money
  • prescription medication
  • lightweight pants, light sweatshirt, poncho
  • closed-toed shoes and shower sandals
  • hat, sunglasses, sunblock
  • camera/ video camera
  • water bottle (water in Panamá  is completely safe to drink!) I am gonna be extra safe and drink only bottled water
  • towel and sheets 
  • toiletries and bug spray
  • swimsuit 
They also sent me some words to know in Spanish! Maybe I’ll come home bilingual! 
Hola!                                                            Hello!
Cómo estás? Qué tal?                                  How are you?
          Estoy muy bien, y tu?                                  I am very well, and you?
De donde eres?                                           Where are you from?
          Soy de…                                                      I am from…
Qué hora es?                                               What time is it?
          La hora es…                                                 It is (the hour is)…
Cómo te llamas?                                           What is your name?
          Me llamo …                                                  My name is…
Donde está el baño?                                    Where is the bathroom?
Como se dice…?                                           How do you say…?
Con permiso                                                Excuse me
Well friends I have got to run!

Let me know what you think! xoxo

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