>>Stake Girl Camp: Choose the Light

Well hello world! I am back to blog about some fun adventures we have been having the past two weeks!

We went on a fun family vacation to Newport Beach, California and then came home and packed for the woods!

Cam and I were invited to come to the 4th level girls camp with our church this summer in Mesa.  Cameron would be in charge of the high adventure cope course (challenging outdoor personal experience) and I would be teaching the girls line dances, camp cheers, and lip syncs!

Although we didn’t know any of the leaders or girls going yet (remember we just moved to Arizona) we were really excited to have this opportunity to meet 23 beautiful (14-15yr old) young ladies!

We had so much fun and ate delicious food! Some things we did:  made necklaces, archery, low cope courses, zip line, canoeing, devotionals, service projects, friendship bracelets, rock wall, giants ladder, cargo net, lip sync dance, testimony meeting, and lots of cheers and line dancing!

I had a blast meeting all these girls and Cam loved teaching high adventure challenges! We love the Citrus Heights Stake 4L Girls Camp! And we are pretty sure they loved us! Favorite Leaders Ever! :)

^^How To Make a Washer Necklace^^
The washer were first drilled with a small hole for the necklace chain to be placed through.
Each girl got 2 pieces and a chain.
We had metal stamps and hammers to stamp out “CTL” Choose the Light – and whatever else the girls wanted to personalize their necklace.
**We borrowed the stamps from a friend that makes jewelry but you can purchase them at most craft stores.
After the imprints were made, we used black paint to fill them and wiped away all the excess to leave the black color.
We added a gem in the center (optional) for some bling, with just normal craft glue.

Let me know what you think! xoxo

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