The Ultimate Utah Bucket List


I lived in Utah for  4 years during college and started thinking about all the fun and adventures I had!. Utah really was a wonderful place to live and go to school and as it got closer to moving day  I decided to make a list of some of the activities I enjoyed that are native or well known to the Beehive State!

Top 10 Outdoor Adventures:

1. Festival of Colors – Hare Krishna in Spanish Fork
2. Zion’s National Park
3. Paragliding Point of the Mountain
4. Hiking The ‘Y’ – Provo
5. Young Living Lavender Run – 5K
6. Mona Rope Swing
7. Arches National Park
8. Soldier Hollow Snow Tubing
9. Brighton Ski Resort
10. Natural Hot Springs

Top 10 Activities:

1. LDS Conference & Temple Square
2. City Creek Shopping Center
3. The Great Salt Lake Salt Flats
4. Park City Film Festival
5. 7 Peaks
6. Thanksgiving Point
7. Summer Movies in the Park
8. BYU Sports
9. Provo July 4th Parade
10. Alpine Coaster

Top 10 Must Eats:

1. J Dawgs
2. The Chocolate
3. Terra Mia
4. The Mayan
5. Cafe Rio
6. The Sweet Tooth Fairy
7. Blue Lemon
8. Brick Oven
9. BYU Creamery
10. Swig



3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Utah Bucket List

  1. I miss Utah :( But I'm starting to like Arizona. Seriously, though, I would give anything to have Utah traffic again (and I thought those words would never come out of my mouth). Driving on the interstates here is a nightmare. I work in downtown Phoenix and it's a beast getting back and forth from work. Even on local streets, there are certain roads that you can't turn left on during certain times of the day…it's so frustrating.

    Hope all goes well with the move! Seriously call us if you guys need help moving stuff or anything else

  2. Oh my goodness! That is crazy talk woman! :) haha I am excited to be here and I am trying to be positive! We are in Mesa still living with Cam's folks but it is going really well! I can't wait to see you! :)

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