Surprise Carolina, I’m Home!

348 days

8,352 hours
501,120 minutes
These are just three ways to describe how long I have suffered without my kd’s.  
2,065 miles 
1 day and 10 hours driving straight
27 days and 13 hours walking straight and google warns me (Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.) Thanks for having my back google. I always did like you.
The distance and time it will take me to travel.
Three words to describe how I have felt without them.
Okay, okay.  So you get the picture and I am being a tad over dramatic but seriously people spending a good part of your life growing up beside two people with your same name, it’s no coincidence we became instant best friends.  
Rewind to March when I am dragging myself around out tiny apartment complaining about BYU and who in the world decided to deprive 30,000 OCD(it should be CDO, then it’s in ABC order) perfectionistic (not a word but I’m making it one), overachieving (heresay), mormons (we can be diverse) of a spring break! And as I am eating chocolate frosting straight from the container I start to cry!
It goes like this:
Cam: Cheerfully “Hey babe! How was your day”
Katie: Sarcastically “Great! I danced for seven hours straight, someone told me I can do nothing with my major and it’s only Tuesday” 
Cam: Jokingly “Haha, well we’re almost done”
Katie: Tearing Up “No we’re not we have six more weeks”
Cam: Worried “Uh are you okay?” (looking at my chocolate frosting)
Katie: Bursting into tears! “I miss Kd’s!”
Cam: Questionable “Are you referring to you… or THE Kd’s?”
Katie: Irritated “Katie and Cadey!”
Cam: Enlightened “You should go see them!”
–dramatic pause—
Katie: enthusiastic “OH MY GOSH” (South Carolina ticket purchased 0.03 seconds later)
Well, I decided to fly out for their graduation from USC and not tell them that I would be joining their festivities.  I talked with both Mama’s and they were both so excited and I also recruited a roommie to help me plan my strategy for the surprise.  Now all I had to do was keep it a secret.
Hmmm secrets…
Secrets from my best friends…
Best friends who know me best… and that I suck at lying to…
Anyways I did it! I didn’t talk to them on the phone and hardly sent text messages and then a week before I left I almost broke. Almost.  It was my birthday, there was so much we needed to talk about….. But Cam sat next to me glaring with those eyes that said “don’t you dare ruin this now”
And I passed! No suspicion arouse and I flew out for a fun girls weekend with my besties!
We hung out by the pool.
We partied the night away.
I saw them both graduate from college!
We went out to eat A LOT!
We stayed up way to late!
We went to cotillion.
We sat in two hours of traffic.
(In case you just graduated from college, and still can’t figure out how to insert your diploma into its case.)
We picked up right where we left off!
I love y’all! So glad I got to spend the weekend with my sisters!
–Side Note–
On my way home I stopped off in Chicago. 
Hated the accents, loved the food!

Let me know what you think! xoxo

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