Some National Ballroom Blitz

As you most know, this is my senior year dancing at BYU and that means a lot of “lasts.”  I guess this post is about my “last” BYU Dancesport…

I honestly hope that one day I will be able to come back up and keep competing ballroom, but you never know what the future has to hold. :)
 I would say that is was a great way to end it and I loved that I was still able to compete at the U.S. National Amateur Dancesport!

What a great week & as always the sweet hubby was my biggest fan <3
 I competed with Brian and got 7th in Novice American Smooth 
Check out my awesome hair done by Krista Derington 
I also met the Professional Smooth beauty Michelle Officer! Check out her dancing with Mayo Alanen!
Great Week!!!

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